Skamol VIP-900 Plain Vermiculite Board
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Skamol VIP-900 Plain Vermiculite Board

25mm x 610mm x 997mm Skamol VIP-900 Plain Vermiculite Board
Product Code: SGI-375-0074

Skamol VIP-900 is a high temperature, energy-saving and cost effective insulating board that has been designed for a maximum service temperature of 2012oF (1100oC). These boards are clean to handle and easy to install, and the product composition allows for easy cutting and shaping using ordinary-wood working tools. 

Skamol VIP-900 is suitable for hot-face or back up insulation of all refractory constructions. It will not decompose even when subjected to direct flame, but the maximum service temperature should be taken into consideration.

Typical Properties   Typical Chemical Analysis %
Maximum Service Temperature  1150oC (2102oF)    SiO2  44
Bulk Density, Dry  900 kg/m3 (56 lbs/ft3)    TiO2  0.7
Cold Crushing Strength  6.3 MPa (914 lbs/in2)    Fe2O3  7.1
Modulus of Rupture  2.1 MPa (305 lbs/in2)    Al2O3  6.3
Linear Reheat Shrinkage  1.2%    MgO  25.9
Total Porosity  57%    CaO  3.0
Specific Heat  1.14 KJ/(kgxK) (0.27 BTU/(lbxoF))    Na2O  0.1
Co-Efficient of Reversible Thermal Expansion @ 20-750oC (68-1382oF)
 8.9 x10-6 K-1 (4.9 x10-6 oF-1)    K2O  6.9
Resistance to Thermal Shock  > 30 Cycles    LOI  4.0

Material Safety Data Sheet

Skamol - Vermiculite Board Insulation.pdf

Technical Data Sheet

Skamol - VIP-900-UK.pdf