Neoprene Sheet Rubber

Neoprene Sheet Rubber

1/32" x 48" Neoprene Sheet Rubber 60 Duro (400 SF/RL)

Product Code: SGI-800-1204

An economical 60 Durometer black rubber sheet that has been specifically formulated to provide moderate oil and petroleum based solvent resistance. In addition, this sheet gives good weathering and ozone resistance for outdoor or unusual environmental conditions. This material is utilized in a broad range of industrial applications from gasket making to the chemical and transportation industries.

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 Color  Black
 Finish  Smooth
 Tensile  620 PSI
 Elongation  300%
 Hardness  60 SHORE "A" +/- 5
 Tear Strength  100 lbs/in
 Temperature Range  -22oF to 180oF
 (-30oC to 82oC)

Material Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

SGI - Neoprene 60 Duro.pdf