Durlon 9000 Ring Gasket
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Durlon 9000 Ring Gasket

1/2" 150# Ring Gasket 1/16" Durlon 9000
Product Code: SGI-550-7000

Durlon 9000 is used in process piping and equipment in chemical, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, oxygen and industrial gases, food and beverage and other general industrial applications where physical properties such as non-contamination and resistance to highly aggressive chemicals are required. Durlon 9000 has more consistent physical and mechanical properties and does not have voids, separation and chemical compatibility problems found in layered PTFE. 

This gasket is available in Ring and Full Face shape.


  • Versatile and Reliable Seal
  • Recommended for a wider range of severe chemical service than competitive PTFE blends
  • Maintains a tighter seal than conventional PTFE gasketing
  • Has a higher bolt torque retention that other filled PTFE and conventional PTFE gasketing materials
  • Testing & Research: Berlin, Germany
  • Conforms to FDA standards
  • Exceptional performance in emissions control
  • Can readily provide large diameter gaskets at extremely competitive prices

  • Listed in Pamphlet 95 of the Chlorine Institute as an acceptable gasket material for chlorine services
  • Certified for Oxygen Service by Federal Institute of Materials
  • Eliminates waste and readily available
  • Cost Saving Technology

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 Color  Blue    Min. Temperature  -350oF (-212oC)
 Fiber  Inorganic    Max. Temperature  520oF (271oC)
 Binder  Pure PTFE    Max. Continuous  500oF (260oC)
 Density  2.2 g/cc (138 lbs/cu.ft)    Max. Pressure  1500 psi (103 bar)
 Tensile Strength
 ASTM F152
 2000 psi (13.8 MPa)      

Safety Data Sheet

Durlon 9000.pdf

Technical Data Sheet

SGI - Durlon 9000.pdf