Blue-Gard 3000 Ring Gasket

Blue-Gard 3000 Ring Gasket

1" 150# Ring Gasket 1/16" Blue-Gard 3000
Product Code: SGI-553-0372

Garlock Blue-Gard 3000 is a compressed fiber gasket made with aramid fibers with an NBR binder. This gasket provides improved torque retention and drastically lowers emissions levels. It also cuts operational costs by reducing waste and energy consumption. This gasket can be cut in both Ring and Full Face shape.

 Features and Benefits  Typical Applications
  • Excellent sealability
  • Improved torque retention
  • Drastically lowered emissions levels
  • Cuts operational costs through reduced waste, maintenance, stocked inventory, fluid loss, and energy consumption
  • Utility Services
  • Water
  • Aliphatic hydrocarbons
  • Oils
  • Gasoline

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 Unique blend of aramid fibers, fillers and an NBR rubber binder
 Blue color
Min. Temperature  -100oF / -73oC
Max. Temperature  700oF / 371oC
Continuous Max.  400oF / 205oC
Max Pressure  1000 PSI / 70bar
Maximum PxT 1/16
 350,000oF x PSIG
 12,000bar x oC
Maximum PxT 1/8
 250,000oF x PSIG
 8,600bar x oC