Fiberglass Tadpole Tape
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Fiberglass Tadpole Tape

3/8" BD x 1/2" FL x 7/8" OA (Style 10) Fiberglass Tadpole Tape
Product Code: SGI-600-0050

Specialty Gaskets Inc. custom manufactures a variety of special tadpole tapes to meet varied service conditions. Fiberglass tadpole tapes are resilient, non-absorbent gasketing tapes formed by wrapping heat resistant cores with specially treated cover materials. Edges are stitched or cemented together forming the tail structure.


Fiberglass tadpole tapes provide effective sealing on light metal flanges or where limited bolting force is available. Their their softness and conformability make them especially suited for applications where closures rest on the packing bulb. Used on gasketing on covers of processing kettles and tanks. Also provides excellent service on oven doors.

 Technical Data
 Color White; Black Graphite Finishing can be added
 Coating Silicone, Vermiculite or with impregnation of Teflon
 Service Temperature *1000oF (538oC)
 Base Fabric Fiberglass
 Weave Knitted
*Service Temperature is for un-coated tadpole tape

Material Safety Data Sheet

SGI - Fiberglass.pdf

Technical Data Sheet

SGI - Fiberglass Tadpole Tape.pdf