Fiberglass Mat

Fiberglass Mat

1/2" FG Mat x 60" Wide
Product Code: SGI-300-2010

Fiberglass mats with a thermal resistance of 1112oF (600ºC) are made of E-glass, which is alkali-free fiber yarn without any bonding agent. E-glass fibre mats are non-toxic and non-combustible, making them an excellent choice in applications requiring materials that provide thermal and acoustic insulation. These mats have low acoustic permeability, low electric conduction, do not rot, and are a good protection against corrosion. A few examples of industry use are below:

  • automotive (motor house, floor)
  • shipbuilding (walls, ceilings, piping insulation)
  • carriage (piping insulation)
  • building (heat insulation)
  • household goods (heat insulation)
  • power plants (turbine insulation)

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 Physical Properties
 Characteristic Unit
Mass per unit area 1) 
Tolerance + 10%
1500 g/m2
Thickness 2) 
Mean Value
Single Values
10 + 1 mm
7-12 mm
Specific Weight, nom
150 kg/m3
Binding  Non
Combustibility Non Combustible