Fiberglass Cloth
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Fiberglass Cloth

60" Wide 2025 17.5oz Plain Fiberglass Cloth
Product Code: SGI-320-0110

Fiberglass cloth is expertly woven from continuously texturized E-fiberlass yarns, making is both chemical and fire resistant with a temperature resistance of 1000 oF (540 oC). This cloth has great versatility--it can be heat treated or coated, dyed and reinforced with stainless steel.

 Typical Applications
  • Welding blanket and curtains
  • Expansion joints
  • Safety clothing
  • High temperature insulation
  • Heat shield containment

  • Gaskets, oven door seals
  • Removable insulation cover

 Typical Physical Properties
 Material 100% E-Fiberglass Yarn
 Weave Plain
 Weight  17.05 oz/yd2
 Thickness 0.030"
 Temperature Resistance 1000oF (540oC) 

Material Safety Data Sheet

FG Fabric and Mat.pdf

Technical Data Sheet

SGI - 17.5oz Plain Fiberglass Cloth.pdf