Durlon 8600

Durlon 8600 1/64" x 60" x 63"

Product Code: SGI-400-5005

Durlon 8600 is an outstanding gasket material containing a unique blend of high strength aramid and inorganic fibers providing excellent sealability in steam, condensate, and dilute acids, and where a white gasket material or an SBR binder is required.

  • Thermal Strength
  • Unique fiber matrix provides superior sealing in cyclical applications

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 Color  White    Min. Temperature  -100oF / -73oC
 Fiber  Aramid / Inorganic    Max. Temperature  700oF / 371oC
 Binder  SBR    Max. Continuous  548oF / 287oC
 Density  1.7 g/cc (106 lbs/cu.ft)    Max. Pressure  1500 psi / 103 bar
 Tensile Strength
 ASTM F152
 1800 psi (12.4 MPa)      

Safety Data Sheet

Durlon Compressed Non Asbestos.pdf

Technical Data Sheet

SGI - Durlon 8600.pdf