Durlon 8400

Durlon 8400 1/16" x 60" x 63"

Product Code: SGI-400-3005

Durlon 8400 is an outstanding next generation material that provides the widest range of chemical resistance of any compressed non-asbestos material available today. It's designed for high pH applications in the demanding services found in the pulp & paper, chemical processing and power generation industries where traditional compressed gasket materials have fallen short.

  • The ingredients and manufacturing methodology results in superior sealing in a wide range of difficult chemical services
  • Perfect for OEM applications such as pump casings, valves and filters
  • Excellent torque retention to maintain cathodic protection
  • Perfect for Flange Insulation Kits
  • Unsurpassed dielectric break-down and volume resistivity
  • Temperature and Chemical Resistant

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 Color  Gold    Min. Temperature  -100oF / -73oC
 Fiber  Phenolic    Max. Temperature  800oF / 426oC
 Binder  NBR    Max. Continuous  554oF / 290oC
 Density  1.7 g/cc (106 lbs/cu.f)    Max. Pressure  1500 psi / 103 bar
 Tensile Strength
 ASTM F152
 1800 psi (12.4 MPa)      

Safety Data Sheet

Durlon Compressed Non Asbestos.pdf

Technical Data Sheet

SGI - Durlon 8400.pdf