150# Graphonic 316SS

1/2" 150# Graphonic Gasket, 1/16" 316SS
Product Code: SGI-140-0005

Graphonic Gaskets with flexible graphite sealing element are an excellent choice for heat exchanges and low pressure applications. The metal core is completely encapsulated by the compressible sealing element.

Features & Benefits
  • Accommodates a wide range of temperatures
  • Seals effectively during thermal cycling
  • Fire safe--withstood API tests
  • Chemically resistant
  • Long service life

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 Temperature    Pressure
 Minimum  -400oF (-240oC)    Max.  1,000 psi (70 bar)
 Max. in Atmosphere  850oF (454oC)    P x T, Max.
 1/16" Thickness
 700,000 psi (25,000 bar)
 Max. in Steam  1,200oF (650oC)    P x T, Max.
 1/8" Thickness
 400,000 psi (13,500 bar)
 Max. Continuous  850oF (454oC)      
 P x T max. = psig x oF (bar x oC)

Technical Data Sheet

Garlock CMG Gasket Brochure.pdf